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Video: Eurovision Tel Aviv 2019 a fost castigat de bisexualul Duncan Laurence (Olanda) cu melodia „Arcade”. A cantat si Madonna

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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, MAY 19, 2019: Contestant Duncan Laurence representing the Netherlands poses with the trophy as he wins the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS (Photo by Vyacheslav ProkofyevTASS via Getty Images)

Asa a aratat melodia in timpul concursului:

Iata si clipul oficial postat la 7 martie 2019 si care a strans pana acum peste 11 milioane de vizualizari:

Duncan Laurence e bisexual. Mesajul melodiei (considerata printre favorite inca de la inceput) ni-l descifreaza chiar el intr-o postare Facebook din 2018:

‘I have struggled with who I am. People like to put other people into tiny little boxes. […] but I  know that’s just the easy way of seeing the world. Seeing either black or white, but never grey. I refuse to live in a box. I’ll create whatever I want to create, I’ll love whoever I want to love […]’

Cititi va rugam mai multe la in articolul Duncan Laurence’s ARCADE – a closer look din 11 martie 2019.

Conform articolului I can show my true self in Eurovision final, says bisexual Dutch entrydin 16 mai 2019, cu ocazia calificarii in finala, Duncan Laurence declara:

“This chance means to me that I can show myself as an artist but also as a human being.

“I stand for things. I am more than just an artist. I am a person, I’m a living being, I’m bisexual, I’m a musician.

“I stand for things and I’m proud that I get the chance to show what I am, who I am. Thank you.”

Din acest moment a fost considerat aproape in unanimitate (inclusiv de catre casele de pariuri) ca fiind viitorul castigator. Mesajul sau dupa castigarea trofeului il puteti citi la:

Bisexual Eurovision champion shares message of acceptance following win

A cantat si Madonna (evident, fara a participa la concurs):

Despre show-ul ei plin de simboluri poate ca vom scrie intr-un viitor articol. Pana atunci, cititi va rugam:

Madonna a prezentat fanilor săi alter-ego-ul ei numit ”Madame X”. Semnificatia clipului “Medellín”



Video: MADONNA cu DRACI la decernarea premiilor Grammy 2015

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Iata si ce spune Mark Dice de chestia asta:

   Versurile in engleza:

It’s not Jay Z and Beyonce
It’s not Nicki or Lil Wayne
It’s not Oprah and Obama
The Pope or Rihanna
Queen Elizabeth or Kanye
It’s not pentagrams or witchcraft
It’s not trying to s-stack for cash
Black magic or Gaga
Gucci or Prada
Riding on a golden cat

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
That’s what it is
Truth and light
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
Nothing to hide
Secrets inside
It’s like everybody in this party, shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party, shining like Illuminati

It’s the enlightenment that started it all
The founding fathers wrote it down on the wall
And now the media’s misleading us all
To right and to wrong
It’s time to dance and turn this dark into something
So let the fire burn, this music is bumping
We’re gonna live forever, love never dies
It starts tonight

Rihanna don’t know the new world order
It’s not platinum encrypted corners
It’s not Isis or the phoenix, cameras of Egypt
Don’t make it into something sordid
It’s not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates
It’s not the who you love United States
It’s not beaver or the braun
Clinton or Obam’
Or anyone you love to hate

Cititi va rog mai multe la:


Iata si o traducere in romana:


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