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The Sons of Man and The Sons of God

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Observ ca s-a facut o traducere a unui articol aparut aici. N-am verificat-o, dar cred ca-i buna. O postez  si eu deoarece blogul saccsiv avand un trafic mare gandesc ca astfel articolul va fi mai vizibil si la cautarile google in limba engleza.  Cu aceasta ocazie se cuvine sa-i multumim celui ce s-a straduit.

The Sons of Man and The Sons of God

An article by Florin Stuparu, translated from Romanian, with a few annotations.
Our note: We highly recommend this as a rare piece of ennobling literature that can really open the minds and hearts of the believers to the truth of Orthodoxy!

“The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose” (Genesis 6: 2)

… for this is what the Masons say:

The tradition for the third degree states that the angel of light Evlis, the Spirit of Fire, fell in love with Eve, who was seduced by him and thus Cain was born, who was totally superior to Abel. They teach that Adonai God envied Cain for the spirit he received from Evlis and chased Adam and Eve away from paradise, that this envious god kneaded matter to create Adam and gave him a cringing soul who was afraid of Cain who had a free and autonomous soul. Then they say that Cain, having been unjustly banished by Adonai, killed Abel, and Adonai (the god who wanted to drown so many thousands of people in the waters of the great flood) characterized the killing Abel as an unforgivable sin. They also say that the un-revengeful descendant of Cain, named Hiram, son of the Spirit of Fire, put all his energy and talent into building the temple that Solomon erected out of pride for honoring the unforgiving god Adonai, who’s hatred persecuted the seed of Cain for centuries. That after the destruction of the Brazen Sea, Hiram went to the ancestor of Tuvalcain, in the midst of the Fire, in the center of the earth, the “soul” of the world, the kingdom of Evlis and Cain, where Adonai’s tyranny ceases to exist, and where they can freely eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge. Hiram gets into the altar of the Fire where Tuvalcain reveals to him the infirmities and ignoble passions of god Adonai, who hates his creation and condemns it to death after judging it for for blessings that it received from the Spirit of Fire. Finally, Tuvalcain prophesies the domination of followers of Hiram, which will require the whole earth worship the Spirit of Fire, ending the tyranny Adonai.

Let us examine what the Holy Orthodox Tradition says about the sons of God, daughters of men, the giants, why the great flood occured and how this relates to the coming of the antichrist.

Here is what we read in the article “The Church and problems of the age” (Biserica și problemele vremii):


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