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Video (in direct): Protest anti lockdown la Berlin

Posted in carantina, Coronavirus, GERMANIA, proteste, VIDEO by saccsiv on aprilie 21, 2021


Ruptly is live from Berlin on Wednesday, April 21, as the German parliament is expected to discuss and vote on amending the country’s Infection Protection Act

On Tuesday, April 13, the federal government introduced a new version of the Infection Protection Act to the Bundestag, which includes contact restrictions for private meetings inside and outside, restricted opening of stores, curfew limitations between 21:00 (local time; 20:00 BST) and 05:00 (local time; 04:00 GMT), amongst other measures. The stricter restrictions are to be imposed if a seven-day incidence stays above 100 cases per 100,000 residents.

According to the latest figures compiled on Sunday by the the Robert Koch Institute, Germany has seen over three million cases of COVID-19, and just under 80,000 related deaths.


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100 la 100 000 inseamna unu la mie

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