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Partea a doua – Ultimele articole despre CARDUL DE SANATATE de pe BLOGURILE ANTI CIP

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Cardurile de sănătate vor fi obligatorii doar după ce se finalizează distribuirea acestora

Mănăstirea Paltin-Petru Vodă: Protest împotriva cardului de sănătate cu cip, către Casa Națională de Asigurări de Sănătate (C.N.A.S.)

Daniel Vla:


Graiul Ortodox:

Colegiului Medicilor. CARDURILE DE SĂNĂTATE VOR DEVENI OBLIGATORII DOAR DUPĂ CE SE FINALIZEAZĂ DISTRIBUIREA ACESTORA. Vasile Astarastoae:„Un card este un instrument periculos pentru societate“

Marius Ianus:

Un nou pliant anticip 

Vlad Herman:


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Ultimele articole despre CARDUL DE SANATATE de pe BLOGURILE ANTI CIP

JURIDIC: Pasi de urmat CARD DE SANATATE – EXCEPTIE DE NECONSTITUTIONALITACITE. Cum se ajunge la sesizarea Curtii Constitutionale a Romaniei


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  1. Ionita Nicoleta said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Buna sa iti fie ziua:)

    Oare cum s-au gasit cartelele prepay neconstitutionale,astea nu se pot gasi la fel?…oare in instanta nu ar fii mai bine? Asa se pierde timpul si nu vad ceva concret. Proteste ,refuzuri bun….si vad ca se merge tot inainte,dar se pierde timp. O idee..


  2. geo said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Buna ziua,

    Jews dances on Ukrainian bones – Symbolic clip

    Jew from Odessa defend fascist Kiev junta

    US Military to Train Ukrainian Soldiers and National Guard to Fight People in Donbass in Cold Weather

    After eliminating competition Kiev edges closer to anarchy by battling with itself

    Tymchuk: „OSCE cooperates with terrorists”


  3. geo said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 1:25 pm
    [youtube=] The US and the European Union have expressed concern at reports of a build-up of separatist reinforcements in eastern Ukraine. Shelling around the city of Donetsk on Sunday followed an intense overnight artillery bombardment, shaking an already fragile ceasefire. Monitors and journalists reported unmarked convoys of heavy weapons, tanks and fighters close to the city. Russia denies claims that it is supplying the separatist rebels. According the Hungarian media, PM Viktor Orban has said in Munich/Germany that: The US is putting Hungary under great pressure fearing Moscow’s rapprochement with Budapest No surprises here. The US is using the EU to fight Russia, that bravely resist efforts by the predators from Washington to destroy that country. Not that Washington has much chance to win this fight, now that Russia has allied itself with China, that already has surpassed the US in economic strength and the difference will continue to grow. Russia and China are now busy signing one deal after the other, deals that could have been signed by Europeans, but since Europe has no leaders anyway, but merely a worthless 1968 ‘human rights’ ‘elite’, that will hang on to America come what may, they have wasted that opportunity. The US tries to keep all its European toddlers into its playpen and if Europe’s economic future is in jeopardy because of it, so be it. Tokyo offered Moscow to build a gas pipeline to Hokkaido and participate in Japan’s electric power industry. MOSCOW, November 10 (Sputnik) — Japan has invited Russian energy giant Gazprom to build a gas pipeline to the country and take part in several energy projects, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said Monday. „We have an offer from Japan. We are talking about a gas pipeline to Hokkaido and, possibly, to Tokyo, about our participation in gas distribution and electric power industry of Japan. Projects are currently under consideration. We have not given our reply yet,” Miller told journalists. Back in May, reports suggested that Japanese authorities intended to submit a project for review to build a 840-mile gas pipeline from Russia to Japan. The construction of the pipeline was estimated to take up to five years and cost some 600 billion yen (about $5.2 billion at the current exchange rate). An explosion in a Kharkiv cafe hosting a fundraiser for Ukraine’s Azov Battalion has been labelled as a ‘terrorist’ incident by local prosecutors. 11 people were injured, two seriously following the late evening blast at the cafe, which sent glass flying and damaged nearby cars. The fundraising event was in aid of the Azov Battalion, an all-volunteer fighting force, that has played a key role in the battle with Russian-backed militants in Ukraine’s war-torn eastern regions. Investigators told Reuters they were still gathering clues and had not fully established the cause of the explosion. The cafe owner said the bomb was packed with bolts and other bits of metal and that the explosion was politically motivated. On Thursday, Russia’s Investigative Committee said it was launching criminal proceedings over school shelling in Donetsk, interpreting it as an international crime. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) confirms the shelling of school in Donetsk was made from the side of Ukraine’s military, and the Ukrainian side is trying to fabricate proofs of non-involvement, Russia’s ambassador to OSCE Andrey Kelin told TASS on Saturday. “The report contains facts. The facts prove that the shelling was made from artillery from the direction and distance, which no doubt are at location of the Ukrainian military near the airport and the settlement of Peski,” he said. “On Thursday, at the meeting of OSCE permanent council, Ukrainian diplomats presented pictures with television footage, where, they claimed, the drawn dots traced the shelling had been made from quite the opposite direction, from the eastern one, where the militia are,” he said. “That was a very prompt fabrication made within hours of the tragedy – a useless attempt to make others responsible.” The Hryvnia has collapsed to new record lows near 15/USD this morning. The Central Bank and bankers „agreed to keep UAH at 15-16/USD” but are „not planning on new FX market restrictions.” However, there is one terrifying ‘currency’ that needs to be curtailed… Bitcoin. As The National Bank of Ukraine explains, „In order to protect consumers’ rights,” the virtual currency Bitcoin cannot be used in Ukraine as a means of payment. With the UAH hitting new record lows… The Ukraine Central Bank has decided the ban Bitcoin… Ukraine’s pro-Kiev volunteer battalions pose threat to security — Kiev prosecutor Kiev’s Chief Prosecutor called for ending anarchy and rampancy of crime in Kiev’s streets and stopping the spread of weapons from the conflict-stricken areas in eastern Ukraine Donetsk republic not to exchange captives without Kiev guarantees Leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic says there will be no exchanges before the next meeting of the contact group in Minsk MH17 wreckage to be removed from crash site starting Nov 11 — DPR Emergencies Ministry First Vice-Premier Andrey Purgin said the wreckage of the Boeing would be removed within one or two weeks Ukraine’s self-proclaimed republics’ leaders say Minsk agreements do not work Leaders of the self-proclaimed republics of eastern Ukraine say the agreements are not implemented because the Kiev authorities are no committed to them Catalan leader to step up independence push as 80% vote to split from Spain Artur Mas says symbolic poll is a ‘lesson in democracy’ and calls for a binding referendum on independence EURCHF is rapidly falling towards its 1.20 peg level – not seen since September 2012 (when the SNB described the „massive overvaluation of the Swiss franc poses an acute threat to the Swiss economy and carries the risk of a deflationary development.”) It appears the CHF buying pressure is based on traders betting on the Swiss Gold Initiative (SGI) referendum on Nov 30th – if it were to pass, the SNB would be forced to choose between buying gold or giving up on the peg (and allowing even more „massive overvaluation” of the swissy). For now, it seems EURCHF is the best indicator of SGI risk as precious metals remain unimpressed by the potential demand. Of course, as ForexLive notes one trader’s comments, „even if the gold vote goes against them they can still hit the print button to infinity,” to defend the peg; though that may just viciously impact the cost of the physical gold they would be forced to buy. The Swiss Franc is the strongest against the Euro since the peg began in 2012… but it appears traders are fearful of the peg being broken as implied volatility surges (hedgers?) Kobani – an agricultural region – happens to be at the epicenter of this non-violent experiment in democracy, made possible by an arrangement early on during the Syrian tragedy between Damascus and Rojava (you don’t go for regime change against us, we leave you alone). Here, for instance, it’s argued that „even if only a single aspect of true socialism were able to survive there, millions of discontented people would be drawn to Kobani.” In Rojava, decision-making is via popular assemblies – multicultural and multi-religious. The top three officers in each municipality are a Kurd, an Arab and an Assyrian or Armenian Christian; and at least one of these three must be a woman. Non-Kurd minorities have their own institutions and speak their own languages. Among a myriad of women’s and youth councils, there is also an increasingly famous feminist army, the YJA Star militia („Union of Free Women”, with the „star” symbolizing Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar). The symbolism could not be more graphic; think of the forces of Ishtar (Mesopotamia) fighting the forces of ISIS (originally an Egyptian goddess), now transmogrified into an intolerant Caliphate. In the young 21st century, it’s the female barricades of Kobani that are in the forefront fighting fascism. Inevitably there should be quite a few points of intersection between the International Brigades fighting fascism in Spain in 1936 and what is happening in Rojava, as stressed by one of the very few articles about it published in Western mainstream media. If these components were not enough to drive crazy deeply intolerant Wahhabis and Takfiris (and their powerful Gulf petrodollar backers) then there’s the overall political set up. The fight in Rojava is essentially led by the PYD, which is the Syrian branch of the Turkish PKK, the Marxist guerrillas at war against Ankara since the 1970s. Washington, Brussels and NATO – under relentless Turkish pressure – have always officially ranked both PYD and PKK as „terrorists”. Ukraine Split in Two; Expect Major Rebel Advance Writing is on the wall. It says, Ukraine is increasingly likely to split in two. Recent events appear to have sealed that fate. Washington seems to have abandoned its Levant remodeling map for another. However, the failure of the first project and the strength of the Syrian people do not bode well for the implementation of this new plan. Thierry Meyssan reviews the adjustments it requires and the division it has created within the coalition: on one side, the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, on the other, France and Turkey. The Slow Creep To War in East Ukraine Russia appears to be openly shipping war materiel to Novorossiya forces in a bid to deter Ukrainian attack Squabbles between Novorossiya commanders continue, some notable names are increasingly being sidelined The Ukrainian side has strengthened its position for a possible attack but so have the opposing forces November 10, 2014 „ICH” – RT, one of my favorite news sources, has fallen for a fake story put out by the Pentagon to support the fantasy story that a SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden, who died a second time in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a decade after his first death from illness and disease. This fake story together with the fake movie and the fake book by an alleged SEAL team member is the way the fake story of bin Laden’s murder is perpetrated. Bin Laden’s alleged demise at the hands of a SEAL team was a propaganda orchestration, the purpose of which was to give Obama a hero’s laurels and deep six Democratic talk of challenging his nomination for a second term. Abbott to say No to Xi and the New Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – Twice Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is expected to say no to Chinese President Xi about joining the new Chinese-led Asia Infrastructure Development Bank (AIIB) when he will meet Xi at the ASEAN summit in Beijing this week. Abbott’s no to joining the bank would come against the advise of Australian treasurer Joe Hockey and after intense U.S. pressure for Australia to reject the proposed participation. Abbott will have to face an embarrassing meeting with China’s Xi, twice. Abbott will have to face an embarrassing meeting with China’s Xi, twice. Photo, courtesy of AAP, Alan Porrit. The decision to reject Australia’s participation in the 21 nation regional bank was made during a session of the Australian government’s National Security Committee and was explained as a “decision made on strategic grounds”. The decision has been criticized by several of Australia’s leading experts on economy. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimated in 2011 that Asia would require some US$750 billion per year through 2020 to meet the needs for regional infrastructure development. In 2012 the ADB merely lent US$7.5 billion reported Australia’s Treasury. Russia may ban the circulation of the United States dollar. The State Duma has already been submitted a relevant bill banning and terminating the circulation of USD in Russia, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports. If the bill is approved, Russian citizens will have to close their dollar accounts in Russian banks within a year and exchange their dollars in cash to Russian ruble or other countries’ currencies. Otherwise their accounts will be frozen and cash dollars levied by police, customs, tax, border, and migration services confiscated. The Bank of Russia took another step towards a free float ruble by abolishing the dual currency soft peg, as well as automatic interventions. Before, the bank propped up the ruble when the exchange rate against the euro and dollar exceeded its boundaries. „Instead, we will intervene in the currency market at whichever moment and amount needed to decrease the speculative demand,” the bank’s chairwoman, Elvira Nabiullina, said in an interview with Rossiya 24 Monday. The move is edging towards a floating exchange rate, which the bank hopes to attain by 2015. “Effective starting November 10, 2014, the Bank of Russia abolished the acting exchange rate policy mechanism by cancelling the allowed range of the dual-currency basket ruble values (operational band) and regular interventions within and outside the borders of this band,” the bank said in a statement Monday. „As a result of the decision the ruble exchange rate will be determined by market factors, which should promote efficiency of the monetary policy of the Bank of Russia and ensure price stability,” the central bank said. Nothing has come in for more mockery during the Obama administration’s halting steps into the Syrian civil war than its employment of “moderate” to describe the kind of rebels it is willing to back. In one of the more widely cited japes, The New Yorker’s resident humorist, Andy Borowitz, presented a “Moderate Syrian Application Form,” in which applicants were asked to describe themselves as either “A) Moderate, B) Very moderate, C) Crazy moderate or D) Other.” After Senator John McCain unwittingly posed with Syrians “on our side” who turned out to be kidnappers, Jon Stewart cracked, “Not everyone is going to be wearing their ‘HELLO I’M A TERRORIST’ name badge.” Communist MPs have asked the leaders of Russian and international Jewish organizations to publicly assess the actions of Igor Kolomoysky – known for sponsoring punitive operations in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions. Lawmakers Valery Rashkin and Sergey Obukhov, who sit on the State Duma Committees for Ethnic Affairs, and Public and Religious Groups, addressed their requests to the chair of the Rabbinical Council of the World Congress of Russian-Speaking Jewry, Berl Lazar, and the head of the Russian Congress of Jewish Communities, Adolf Shayevich. The MPs noted in their letter that current tragic events in southeastern Ukraine are caused to a large extent by spreading extreme ethnic hatred, and they want Jewish groups to call for active opposition to people who actively promote Nazi ideas in Russia’s southern neighbor. “Nazi emblems, portraits of [extreme Ukrainian nationalists] Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich decorate mass crimes against ethnic Russians, Jews and other non-titular ethnic groups in Ukraine. In this situation the actions of the head of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, Igor Kolomoysky, look especially cynical as this man sponsors ultra-nationalist armed groups for his own political purposes,” reads an abstract from the letter published by popular Russian daily Izvestia. “Igor Kolomoysky’s actions contribute to ethnic and race hate and cause people to commit hate crimes not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia,” the Communists claim. POTSDAM, Germany – The Allied occupation of Germany began 58 years ago this month and in the eyes of many Germans has not yet ended. Foreign armies are still based on German soil and Europe’s largest and most prosperous „democracy” still lacks a constitution and a peace treaty putting a formal end to the Second World War. The reunified German nation, considered a modern European democracy, has no constitution other than the temporary Basic Law (Grundgesetz) originally written in 1948, under the guidance of the U.S. military occupation forces and originally meant only to apply to the western parts of Germany under U.S. control. The Basic Law was removed at the request of former Secretary of State James Baker at a Paris conference of the Allied powers and the two former German states on July 17, 1990. The two German states were legally abolished at this conference. As a result of these changes, the Basic Law does not legally apply to the reunified German state, according to some legal experts. In any case, the Basic Law is incomplete and contradictory and article 139 states that the numerous Allied occupation laws and proclamations remain in effect. The Basic Law has never been ratified by a vote of the people. Germany Expels U.S. Spy Chief; Opens Geopolitical Can of Worms Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Germany expels Washington’s CIA Chief in Berlin. Germany accuses the CIA chief of having led two employees within Germany’s security services who are under investigation for being double-agents. Following previous NSA spying scandals and pressure against German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the scandal opens a geopolitical can of worms and questions about German sovereignty. Merkel_ObamaSteffen Seibert, the spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Clemens Binninger, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Control Group, announced that the German Federal Government expels the United States’ CIA Chief in Berlin. Stressing that the events are “very serious”, Seibert explained that the government requested to expel the CIA chief on the basis of the results of ongoing investigations conducted by the Federal Prosecutor General, as well as on the basis of months of unanswered questions pertaining the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies in Germany. While the German Parliament (Bundestag) established a commission of inquiry into the U.S. spy activities, Washington has not exactly been forthcoming with information. ISIS is America’s Dream Rebel Army Tony Cartalucci (NEO ): US policy paper reveals desire for construction of full-scale extraterritorial army to invade Syria. Such an army is being built in Iraq and Turkey and it’s called “ISIS.” The corporate-financier funded and directed policy think tank, the Brookings Institution, has served as one of several prominent forums documenting and disseminating US foreign policy. It would host in part the architects of the so-called “surge” during the nearly decade-spanning US occupation of Iraq, as well as battle plans for waging a covert war against Iran now well under way. Iraqi war – 07 Aug 2014Part of this covert war against Iran involved the arming and backing of listed terrorist groups, and in particular, the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) which has killed US servicemen, American civilians, as well as countless innocent Iranians over the decades. Among those signing their name to this plan found within Brookings’ “Which Path to Persia?” report, was Kenneth Pollack. Now, in efforts to overthrow the government of Syria, also a stated and integral part of undermining, isolating, and destroying Iran, Pollack has revealed another element of the plan – to create a full-scale proxy military force outside of Syria, then subsequently invading and occupying Syria with it. In the report titled, “Building a Better Syrian Opposition Army: How and Why,” Pollack cites the so-called “Islamic State” or “ISIS” as the ultimate impetus for expanded US intervention. However, upon looking at Pollack’s proposal, it merely looks as if the US is using ISIS as a pretext to more overtly intervene in order to overthrow the government of Syria – not in fact neutralize ISIS. Ukraine’s currency plunges as ceasefire fears grow By Natalia Zinets and Anton Zverev KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:13pm EST (Reuters) – Ukraine’s currency lost nearly 5 percent of its value on Monday after a weekend that saw the heaviest shelling in a month hit the main rebel stronghold in the east and signs that Moscow had dispatched troops and tanks to reinforce separatists. The prospect that a two-month-old ceasefire could collapse and all-out war return to eastern Ukraine has weighed down the economy and helped drive the currency 12 percent lower since the central bank abandoned an unofficial peg a week ago. The country of 46 million people is near bankruptcy, dependent on international loans, and deeply in debt for natural gas to Russia, the former imperial master it accuses of waging war on behalf of separatists on its territory. The central bank offered to sell dollars on Monday at 15.2 hryvnias to the dollar, an all-time low and 4.8 percent lower than the last auction on Friday. Nazi NATO, but No War Crimes Tribunals? Why? NATO has no reason for existence anymore except to stir World War III against Russia [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] The above is from a video discussed below, about what “our people” are doing to “their people.” A friend who lives in Ukraine sent me this message a few hours ago: I got a call from Donestsk the other day asking me if I knew anything about a bomb that sucks the air out of a room or building and tears people up in the process. Granted it was only part of what happened. A fireball followed. The survivors had left the room and had two structural walls between them and the detonation site. It was probably a small bomb/missile, but the only type I know of as a possible explanation is a thermobaric or vacuum bomb. Have you heard of any other weapon that can do this? Also, there is a rumor about SCUD missiles, which Ukraine was supposed to have demolished 20 years ago. People say that they are being deployed to Donbass. Do you know anything about this? A genocide is going on, but it’s supported by the West, and so Americans and Europeans aren’t learning much about it from the standpoint of its victims (the residents of Ukraine’s southeast). Perhaps that’s why there aren’t calls for war-crimes trials about the genocide. Some of the world’s most powerful banks knowingly funded Hezbollah terror operations by concealing billions of dollars in transactions with their Iranian sponsors, a ​new ​Brooklyn federal lawsuit ​charges. Dozens of victims of Hezbollah​ ​violence ​filed suit Monday against Barclays, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland​ for purposefully “stripping” information from the deals​ allegedly​ to obscure the involvement of Iranian banks. The suit comes on the heels of a landmark jury verdict in Brooklyn federal court that found Jordanian banking power Arab Bank guilty of ​conducting business with Hamas that helped fund terror attacks. The new case ​was filed by the same attorney who scored that victory, C. Tab Turner​,​ of Arkansas. WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department said Monday it was reviewing some of its secretive democracy-promotion programs in hostile countries after The Associated Press reported that the nation’s global development agency may effectively end risky undercover work in those environments. The proposed changes follow an AP investigation this year into work by the U.S. Agency for International Development, which established a Twitter-like service in Cuba and secretly sought to recruit a new generation of dissidents there while hiding ties to the U.S. government. The agency’s proposed changes could move some of that work under America’s diplomatic apparatus. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to elaborate on the plan Monday, saying it was „premature” because of ongoing deliberations. „We continue to believe we need to find creative ways to promote positive change in Cuba, but beyond that, we’re still assessing what any change or what any impact would be,” she said. USAID’s proposed policy closely mirrors a Senate bill this summer, which would prohibit the agency from spending money on democracy programs in countries that reject the agency’s assistance and where USAID would have to go to „excessive lengths to protect program beneficiaries and participants.” In turn, some of USAID’s high-risk democracy efforts would likely be moved under the State Department, according to government officials familiar with discussions about the policy who were not authorized to talk about the matter publicly. Other programs could shift to the National Endowment for Democracy, a nonprofit group that receives money from the U.S. government. As seen in the above graphic from the Washington Post, essentially every country recognizes the State of Palestine, except for Western Europe and some of the places it has conquered, such as North America, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as some US “partners” that “wouldn’t want to ruffle Washington’s feathers”, including “South Pacific island nations like Kiribati and Nauru” (WaPo). The US has for decades used terrorism to singularly prevent Palestine from becoming a full UN member state. Likewise, without the US providing the muscle and money, Israel would not be able to continue, in defiance of the world, to occupy, colonize, ethnically cleanse, and commit terrorism and massacres against Palestine. Without US muscle backing its terror and expansionism, Israel, despite being the strongest force in the Mid East and in possession of the “world’s best” air force and a large, rogue nuclear arsenal, would have no choice but to decolonize Palestine and remain within its own universally recognized borders, which are those that existed before June, 1967, when Israel illegally invaded and began colonizing and ethnically cleansing areas beyond those lines. For approximately 40 years, the US has vetoed, generally alone (aside from Israel), every UN resolution demanding that Israel comply with this worldwide legal, democratic consensus. The vote is typically 165 countries against the US and Israel, and sometimes five or six other countries (European-conquered lands and some tiny islands such as Micronesia). Soon after modern computers evolved in the 1940s, futurists started predicting that in just a few decades machines would be as smart as humans. Every year, the prediction seems to get pushed back another year. The consensus now is that it’s going to happen in … you guessed it, just a few more decades. There’s more reason to believe the predictions today. After research that’s produced everything from self-driving cars to Jeopardy!-winning supercomputers, scientists have a much better understanding of what they’re up against. And, perhaps, what we’re up against. Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, lays out the best predictions of the artificial intelligence (AI) research community in his new book, “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.” Here are the combined results of four surveys of AI researchers, including a poll of the most-cited scientists in the field, totalling 170 respondents. For the first time in the history of Brazil, the federal government is investigating the deaths and abuses suffered by Indigenous peoples during military dictatorship (1964-1985). The death toll may be twenty times more than previously known. Just as in World War II and Vietnam, napalm manufactured in the US burned the bodies of hundreds of indigenous individuals in Brazil, people without an army and without weapons. The objective was to take over their lands. Indigenous peoples in this country suffered the most from the atrocities committed during the military dictatorship (1964-1985) – with the support of the United States. For the first time in Brazil’s history, the National Truth Commission, created by the federal government in 2012 in order to investigate political crimes committed by the State during the military dictatorship, gives statistics showing that the number of indigenous individuals killed could be 20 times greater than was previously officially registered by leftist militants. Unlike other crimes committed by the State during that time period, no reparations or indemnification for the acts have been offered to indigenous people; they were not even considered victims of the military regime. „From the north to the south and from the east to the west, accusations of genocide, assassination of leaders and indigenous rights defenders, slavery, massacres, poisonings in small towns, forced displacement, secret prisons for indigenous people, the bombing of towns, torture, and denigrating treatment were registered [with the State Truth Commissions],” Marcelo Zelic, vice president of the anti-torture group Never Again – SP, one of the organizations that makes up the Indigenous Truth and Justice Commission, created in order to provide documents and information to the National Truth Commission – told Truthout during an audience with the Truth Commission of San Pablo open to journalists. San Diego, Calif. – Two active duty U.S. Marines have been charged with felony assault and battery charges stemming from an altercation with San Diego police officers and face the possibility of being dishonorably discharged from the service if convicted, as well as up to three years in prison. Although being charged with assault and battery, video captured on an officer’s body camera indicates a different set of circumstance than the narrative put forth by the officers involved in the incident, and backs up claims made by the men and their attorneys. The Marines claim that they were simply being good Samaritans and rendering aid to an unknown victim that was lying unconscious on the ground when police attacked them. They two men stated that they were out celebrating the return of a fellow Marine from Afghanistan when they witnessed a fight take place. One of the participants in the fight, who was unknown to either Marine, was knocked unconscious. Both men rushed to the side of the victim and attempted to render aid to the unconscious man on the ground. A virus that infects human brains and makes us more stupid has been discovered, according to scientists in the US. The algae virus, never before observed in healthy people, was found to affect cognitive functions including visual processing and spatial awareness. Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska stumbled upon the discovery when they were undertaking an unrelated study into throat microbes. Surprisingly, the researchers found DNA in the throats of healthy individuals that matched the DNA of a virus known to infect green algae. Dr Robert Yolken, a virologist who led the original study, said: “This is a striking example showing that the ‘innocuous’ microorganisms we carry can affect behaviour and cognition. Catholic Doctors Speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control‏ On Tuesday of this week (Aug. 26), Israel officially stopped adding fluoride to its water supplies. The decision has “been lauded by various rights groups, but criticized by many in the medical and dental communities as a serious mistake,” as the Times of Israel put it. The tasteless, colorless chemical is put into water for the purpose of reducing cavities, but critics say that it amounts to mass medication, and forces people to consume the substance whether they want to or not. By law, fluoride had been added to public drinking water supplies of large Israeli towns since the 1970s, and until this week about 70 percent of the country was fluoridated. (For comparison, 67 percent of Americans receive fluoridated tap water.) I am a United States Army general, and I lost the Global War on Terrorism. It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous; step one is admitting you have a problem. Well, I have a problem. So do my peers. And thanks to our problem, now all of America has a problem, to wit: two lost campaigns and a war gone awry. We should have known this one was going to go bad when we couldn’t even settle on a name. In the wake of the horrific al-Qaeda attacks on September 11, 2001, we tried out various labels. The guys in the Pentagon basement at first offered Operation Infinite Justice, which sounded fine, both almighty and righteous. Then various handwringers noted that it might upset the Muslims. These were presumably different kinds of followers of Islam than the nineteen zealots who had just slaughtered thousands of our fellow citizens. Well, better incoherent than insensitive, I guess. So we settled on Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Our efforts in Afghanistan certainly lived up to the “enduring” part, dragging out longer than the ten-year Trojan War as we desperately tried to impose “freedom” on surly Pashtuns… According to Moscow Times, a renowned Russian English-language daily newspaper, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who stepped up his customary belligerent rhetoric against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, told his Russian counterpart that Turkey has allegedly reached a threshold where it cannot remain indifferent toward the “human carnage” in the Arab war-torn country, but to Erdoğan’s surprise, Putin was infuriated and vehemently warned Turkish President from further interfering in Syrian internal affairs otherwise Russia is ready to thwart Turkey from triggering a catastrophic war in the region. The Turkish flabbergasted president then asked Putin whether his fiery remarks meant a direct threat against Turkey and Putin replied:” Mr. President, You may construe whatever interpretations you wish from my words.” The Russian president also reminded Erdoğan to the bitter fact that it is Turkey’s erroneous and bellicose policies vis-à-vis the Syrian crisis which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians and further urged the Turkish megalomaniac president to desist from supporting Jihadi terrorists whom set up training camps and safe havens inside the Turkish territories. (Reuters) – A U.S. judge ruled on Monday that Citigroup Inc could process an $85 million interest payment by Argentina on bonds issued under its local laws following its 2002 default. U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa in New York said Citigroup could process the Dec. 31 payment it receives on U.S. dollar-denominated Argentine law bonds. The judge also called off a Dec. 9 hearing over whether the bank could regularly process payments Argentina makes on the bonds. Briefing will be deferred into 2015. Griesa’s order gives Citigroup further breathing room in a dispute between hedge funds suing over defaulted Argentine debt, known as holdout creditors, and the country, which defaulted in July. Citigroup has said it faces regulatory and criminal sanctions by Argentina if it does not process interest payments on Argentina bonds issued under local law. Danielle Apsilos-Romero, a Citigroup spokeswoman, confirmed that the order will allow processing of the $85 million payment. For the past four years a group of sophisticated hackers has compromised the networks of luxury hotels to launch malware attacks against corporate executives and entrepreneurs traveling on business in the Asia-Pacific region. The cyberespionage group, which researchers from Kaspersky Lab dubbed Darkhotel, operates by injecting malicious code into the Web portals used by hotel guests to log in to the local network and access the Internet, typically by inputting their last name and room number. The infections are typically brief and are meant to target only specific guests by prompting them to download trojanized updates for popular software applications. The rogue software updates deploy malware implants that then download and install digitally-signed information-stealing programs. “This group of attackers seems to know in advance when these individuals will arrive and depart from their high-end hotels,” the Kaspersky Lab researchers said in a report released Monday. The attackers lie in wait until the travelers arrive and connect to the Internet, the researchers said. Turkey “fired” an open threat against Greece, with Turkish Naval Forces Commander to announce that the naval forces have received a new set of rules of engagement. During a briefing at the Blue Whale 2014 military exercise, Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu revealed that “the Turkish navy has been authorized by the Turkish government to act on the crisis in Cyprus.” On board of TCG Büyükada, the corvette that sailed Greek territorial waters without permission last week, Bostanoğlu said answering a question about which rules of engagement the Turkish Navy would follow if Turkish vessels confront Greek or Israeli warships in the eastern Mediterranean. “The Prime Ministry handed over the rules of engagement to the Chief of General Staff and the Chief of Staff handed them over to the Naval Forces Command. We will act in line with these rules of engagement in the event we face a situation over this issue.” British forces may increasingly have to be deployed to fight wars fuelled by climate change, a senior military expert has warned. Former Commander of UK Maritime Forces Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti issued a stark warning about the ability of nations to provide the security needed for economic growth and people’s well-being if greenhouse gas emissions continue to soar. Climate change was a “threat multiplier”, increasing the risk of instability in an already unstable world, he said. Countries have committed to curbing emissions so that global temperatures do not rise more than 2C above pre-industrial levels, when “dangerous” impacts are expected to be felt – but at current emissions rates the world could face 4C of warming by 2100. Rear Admiral Morisetti said: “You can probably secure a 2C world, it’s most unlikely you can secure a 4C world.” (Reuters) – BP Plc has failed to persuade a federal judge to oust the administrator overseeing payouts to businesses and individuals claiming damages arising from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier in New Orleans on Monday rejected several arguments by the London-based oil company to remove the claims administrator, Patrick Juneau. BP claimed that Juneau had a conflict of interest because he previously advised Louisiana over claims, made misleading statements about that work, and improperly sped up claims of people represented by the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee. In a four-page order, Barbier said it was “beyond cavil” that BP knew of Juneau’s prior consulting work for Louisiana. The judge also said BP’s arguments were “mostly a regurgitation of old issues or complaints.” In a move that should have surprised no one, cellulosic ethanol maker KiOR on Sunday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. According to the filing, KiOR will seek approval from the court for an auction and sale of its assets. The first bid in that auction came from affiliates of Vinod Khosla, a long-time entrepreneur and venture capitalist who was a founder of Sun Microsystems and who has invested in many green energy companies in the past decade. KiOR has agreed to a debtor-in-possession financing deal with an affiliate of Khosla’s, which will provide $15 million of additional financing to keep the company operating during the bankruptcy and to facilitate the sale and restructuring process. The company is requesting that the asset auction be held in December and the completion of the sale accomplished as soon as possible after the auction. After already receiving a controversial $1.6 billion construction loan from U.S. taxpayers, the wealthy investors of a California solar power plant now want a $539 million federal grant to pay off their federal loan. „This is an attempt by very large cash generating companies that have billions on their balance sheet to get a federal bailout, i.e. a bailout from us – the taxpayer for their pet project,” said Reason Foundation VP of Research Julian Morris. „It’s actually rather obscene.” The Ivanpah solar electric generating plant is owned by Google and renewable energy giant NRG, which are responsible for paying off their federal loan. If approved by the U.S. Treasury, the two corporations will not use their own money, but taxpayer cash to pay off 30 percent of the cost of their plant, but taxpayers will receive none of the millions in revenues the plant will generate over the next 30 years. If Everything Is Just Fine, Why Are So Many Really Smart People Forecasting Economic Disaster? The parallels between the false prosperity of 2007 and the false prosperity of 2014 are rather striking If we go back and look at the numbers in the fall of 2007, we find that the Dow set an all-time high in October, margin debt on Wall Street had spiked to record levels, the unemployment rate was below 5 percent and Americans were getting ready to spend a record amount of money that Christmas season. But then the very next year the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression shook the entire planet and everyone wondered why most people never saw it coming. Well, now a similar pattern is unfolding right before our eyes. The Dow and the S&P 500 both hit record highs on Monday, margin debt on Wall Street is hovering near record levels, the unemployment rate has ticked down a little bit and Americans are getting ready to spend more than 600 billion dollars this Christmas season. The truth is that the economy seems pretty stable for the moment, and most people cannot even imagine that an economic collapse is coming. So why are so many really smart people forecasting economic disaster in the near future? Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated to ‘Train Parents’ Vaccine proponent acknowledges shots in first year of infant’s life are pointless A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent admitted during a conference involving health professionals that babies are only given shots up to age one in order to ‘train the parents’ to get their children into the medical system and that the vaccines are completely worthless. The immunologist, who declined to be identified after she made the comments, responded to a question about the rationale of giving infants vaccines in the first year of their life when they have no positive effect. The World Isn’t Listening to the U.S. Unless It’s Killing People Neocons come out of the woodwork as Republicans gain majority Now that the congressional game of musical chairs is over and Republicans have most of the chairs, it’s time for the Bush-era neocons to come out of the woodwork. Australia Dumps Missiles on Market for Cheap Failed projects cost taxpayers more than $1.4 billion Australia is quietly exporting dozens of missiles to other countries to try to recoup some of the $200 million it has wasted on them in botched military purchases. Dating Site Uses Biometrics to Verify Online Dating Profiles Members forced to present government issued IDs Ruby Radar, a high-end Australian dating website aimed at executives and entrepreneurs, is using a biometric verification service to protect users from fake profiles which can be used to scam site members. In order to strengthen its rigorous member screening process, Ruby Radar uses an ID verification solution from My Verified ID which compares members’ photos to government-issued ID such as a drivers licence or passport. Obama urges China to be partner in ensuring world order U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday a successful China was in the interests of the United States and the world but Beijing had to be a partner in underwriting international order, and not undermine it. Speaking to growing concerns among U.S. and other companies about the Chinese business environment after arriving in Beijing, Obama also urged China to reject the use of cyber theft for commercial gain and create a more level playing field where policy is not used for the benefit of some firms over others. Obama’s trip to China for an Asia-Pacific summit comes at a time of growing China-U.S. friction with Washington trying to expand American interests in Asia while Chinese President Xi Jinping demonstrates more willingness than his predecessors to demonstrate Beijing’s clout on regional issues. The fact that the United States and NATO are arming the death squads fighting the secular government of Bashar al-Assad is, by now, accepted news in both the alternative and mainstream media circles. However, due to the U.S. State Department’s and its media mouthpieces’ incessant claims that there is such a thing as “moderate” rebels vs. extremist rebels in Syria, it is not considered “credible” or mainstream to suggest that the United States is, in fact, arming extremists. Of course, the reality is that there is no such thing as “moderate rebels” in Syria. The truth is that the FSA, largely presented as “moderate,” is, in actuality, the same thing as Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and ISIS. Regardless, the mainstream press and the governments that it represents continue to push the deception of “moderates” as well as the claim that NATO is opposed to ISIS. These claims, however, are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as more and more evidence emerges from the Syrian front demonstrating them to be patently false. Such evidence involves reports producing evidence of ISIS’ possession of American military hardware and strong suspicion that the United States is providing direct guidance and assistance to the terrorist organization. In America there is no greater recruiting ground for the U.S. military than professional and college sports. Pro sports and the NCAA promote U.S. military men and women as „heroes” of honor to be admired and practically worshiped for their supposed valor, bravery, and courage. Sporting arenas throughout America this week will remind their audiences of millions of viewers that our „courageous” military men and women deserve to be honored for their service to America, but is all of this just a mass propaganda campaign to set the stage for recruiters throughout America to convince teenagers to join the military? I believe it absolutely is and here’s why. As I mentioned, in America we have an ongoing political advertising campaign that portrays the U.S. military as an opportunity, a proving ground that builds character, an entity that only selects the best men and women who supposedly believe in America and are willing to defend America and the values it stands for (notice the word ‘freedom’ is hardly ever used any more). The U.S. military is portrayed as a stage for those with honor, integrity, initiative, leadership and (as I mentioned before) courage. A close look at this list of virtues however proves that nothing could be further from the truth. Just as the German media has destroyed its credibility with lies, the US government is consistently destroying Washington’s credibility both with its own citizens and the rest of the world. Russia and China, the other two significant nuclear powers, no longer believe anything Washington says or any agreement that the US government signs. The Russian and Chinese governments have observed that Washington does not obey its own statutory law, much less international law and treaties that Washington has signed. Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized Washington for acting as if its will was the only law. Europeans know that they and their governments are Washington’s vassals and that Europeans are impotent to do anything about it. Some percentage of the 99 percent understand that Washington is aligned with the one percent against them and that their incomes and economic prospects will continue to decline. Facebook is a problem. It is undoubtedly being used by special interests to manipulate and monitor entire populations both within the United States and well beyond. It represents a tool that in no way serves the people actually using it, and instead allows special interests to use the users. It is a dream global panopticon for the abusive dictators that run Western society and presume dominion over what they call an „international order.” But in order to counter this threat, Facebook cannot simply be „replaced.” It specifically, and what it represents, must be disrupted entirely. Facebook is a Skinner Box for Humans Facebook has been at the center of several recent controversies that are increasingly leaving users disillusioned and in search of alternatives. At the center of these controversies is Facebook’s „news feed” feature. Ideally, news feed would work by showing on your timeline updates from those individuals and organizations you follow. There are two options for news feed – „most recent” and „top stories.” Facebook has decided to upend this feature by insidiously controlling what appears on your news feed regardless of which option you select. Now, you will no longer receive regular updates from accounts you follow, and instead will see a „filtered” version determined by Facebook’s algorithms. Many Facebook users are unaware of this fact and are perplexed as to why they are no longer receiving regular updates from accounts they follow. ApreciazăApreciază
  4. geo said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    „Preasfinţitul o fost de partea noastră total. E un om extraordinar”

    Pe lângă şefii de deconcentrate şi directorii de şcoală, preşedintele PSD Satu Mare susţine că a vorbit cu „preasfinţitul” şi că preoţii se vor implica în campania electorală de partea lui Victor Ponta. În caz contrar, pot să-şi ia adio de la fonduri, iar „preotesele” vor fi date afară. În înregistrarea obţinută de gândul, Govor îşi asigură colegii că a vorbit cu „presfinţitul” care a fost „de partea noastră total”, şi prezintă cum vor acţiona preoţii în ziua alegerilor.

    „Am vorbit cu preasfinţitul, am vorbit cu toţi popii. Exact cum vorbesc cu voi, aşa am vorbit şi cu ei şi am spus la popi în felul următor: băi, oameni buni, s-o terminat. (neinteligibil) Dacă nu vreţi să fiţi de partea noastră, s-aduceţi să votaţi cu domnul Victor Ponta, eu nu vă mai cunosc. La mine la uşa nu mai veniţi. Le-am spus verde în ochi. S-a terminat. Fraţilor, NU, la revedere, şi i-am spus la preasfinţit, a spus presfinţitul trimiţi în fiecare localitate, în fiecare biserică un om, ăla să trimită SMS şi-n localitatea la care n-o spus să votezi cu Ponta să nu-l văd. Dar nu se mai poate. Nu se mai poate. Deci preasfinţitul o fost de partea noastră total. E un om extraordinar. (…) Şi încă ceva, la toţi popii dacă pierdem toate preotesele le dau afară din tot, la revedere. Le-am şi spus. Toţi au venit la mine să le pun preoteasa. S-a terminat. S-a pierdut, pleacă acasă. Meargă la mama dracului, nu mă interesează. Deci s-o terminat. Deci de-acum înainte intru până mă duc la…. Păi da ce suntem noi, mă, casă de binefacere, suntem proşti? Nu mai suntem proşti, am fost destul”, spune şeful PSD Satu Mare.

    de la min. 0:30

    de la min. 0:25

    …si noi, ca blegii, asteptam ca mai marii bisericii sa ia atitudine impotriva cardurilor…


  5. geo said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that representatives of the OSCE are agents of the Main Intelligence Directorate and Federal Security Service of Russia

    NTV channel has reported that Kyiv authorities are considering legalizing prostitution The sex industry has been in the center of the government’s attention recently, the NTV channel reported. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has proposed to „legalize prostitution and put it in service of the country’s interests.” The Internet is full of ads from ladies offering their services to the National Guard soldiers for a minimum rate of 10 hryvnias a „date.” In Ivano-Frankivsk, girls dance striptease in national costumes under the „Glory to Ukraine” patriotic slogans.’

    Astia or fi copiat-o pe madam Harvard de la finante? Sau invers?

    Ukraine has decided to fight against pensioners living in Donetsok and Lugansk regions.
    Since summer 2014 Pension Fund does not pay pensions in 16 districts of Donetsk region and in 14 districts of Lugansk. Now Minister of Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova said that the government has obliged to register all recipients of social benefits from the ATO zone in order to eradicate what they now cold „retirement tourism”. According to her, this decision was made due to the fact that people living in the militia controlled areas come to the territory controlled by Ukraine to receive pension and after go back.

    New grave found in Lugansk republic show cruelty of fascists, 18 +.

    At 7th November, near the village Biryukovo in the field during plowing was found the grave with the bodies of two soldiers Novorossiya army . Maybe it’s the bodies of those men who disappeared during the fighting with the army of the fascist junta in summer this year. In May – June 2014 Kiev junta tried to cut the Donetsk and Lugansk republic from Russia and turn the whole territory in a big concentration camp. The population in this area would be cut off from humanitarian aid from Russia and was condemned to death. Kiev regime in such a way wanted to use the experience of Israel on Palestine.
    The Ukrainian fascists as usual shallow buried their victims, but fascists crushed them by tanks, tanks literally drove over the bodies, flattening them. This is seen by condition of the bodies in the grave. In the hands of one of the victims were found plastic handcuffs. Flag, which you see on the clothes of one victim is a flag of Great Don Army. It is the large Cossack organization with members from Russia and former Ukraine.

    Netherlands experts actually destroy evidence from the downed Boeing-777 (MH-17)

    Semen Kuz’menko, the Transport Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic believes that Holland experts, who are responsible for investigating the fall of the Malaysian Boeing-777 in Donetsk republic, actually destroy the evidences.

    „I was asked for removal of debris five wagons for coal [asked by Holland experts] , they can’t be transported such way without risk of their destruction,” – said in an interview Taras Kuz’menko.

    According to him, the experts also plan to cut some parts of the airplane „for the convenience of transportation.”

    In addition, the Minister of Transport of DPR lamented that loading debris has not yet started because of the absence of Holland experts. „From our side we are ready to export”, – he said.


  6. Iani said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Inca un copil luat de stat, de data asta in Finlanda:


  7. Mihai said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Cei care nu ati semnat inca petitia impotriva cardurilor de sanatate cu cip, puteti so o faceti aici:


  8. ORTODOXIE said, on Noiembrie 11, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Reblogged this on CREDINŢĂ DREAPTĂ ORTODOXĂ!!!.


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